3. Registering Panorama


This article shows how to register Panorama after it is FIRST installed.  This has to be done only once on every computer on which Panorama is installed.

Run Panorama

You must run Panorama for the first time to register.  

If you chose to run the software at the end of the installation, you have already started the software and should see the registration screen pop up.

If you did not run Panorama after installing it, you can start the software

1) Windows Start button

2) All Programs

3) Open the Weatherford Panorama folder

4) Click on Weatherford Panorama

Fill in the Activation form

1) Fill in the Contact Information section of the form.


  • You must fill in all fields with red asterisks.  
  • You must use a valid work email address.  
  • You cannot use public email addresses such as yahoo.com, gmail.com, etc.

2) Click on the Request Activation Code button

Acknowledge activation request

Click on OK to proceed.  

Note:  if Panorama cannot communicate with our registration server via your internet connection, the registration process will open an email window with registration information.  Please send this email and you will receive a registration code after we process your registration request

Copy registration code out of email received

You will receive an email with a registration code and message.  Copy the code.

Paste code into registration form in Panorama

1) Put your cursor into the Activation Code field, right-click and select Paste

2) Click on the (now active) Activate! button

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