Commercial and Distribution FAQ


Q: How much does the software cost?

A: It is currently distributed free of charge to Weatherford customers


Q: Can we distribute the software within our company?

A: Yes, you may distribute and use the software within your company


Q: Can we distribute the software outside of our company?

A:  You may not distribute/share the download link.  Please put others in contact with a Weatherford Labs or Weatherford SLS account manager


Q: Do I need to sign some kind of license

A: You must sign an electronic end-user license agreement (EULA)
when you install the software.  You must also electronically activate the software when you first run it.  As a result, we will have a record and you will receive the license agreement.


Q: How do I get software updates?

A: the software updates itself automatically unless your IT department blocks certain internet traffic.  If this is the case, contact our software support team at the Panorama support email

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