Downloading Panorama Files for WGS Customers


In this lesson, you will learn how to obtain a Panorama-formatted deliverable you are receiving as part of your Wellsite Geoscience Services daily reports.  

If you don't know what Panorama is, we suggest you view the tutorials here and get the software here.

Log in to the Weatherford Laboratories Client Website

Using a web-browser, go to the client sign-in area of

(If clicking on the link above did not work, the exact web address is

Log in with YOUR credentials

Put the user name and the password in the top boxes, then click on Submit (the other logins are for other purposes)

If you do not have a login, please contact us at

Search for the Job# (if you do not see a list)

If you have a number of active jobs and/or your company uses Weatherford Laboraties for laboratory work, you may have to search for your job using the search function.

In this case:

1) Select the type of search (Well name, Job number, etc)

2) Enter your search text

3) Click on the "Website Search" button to search

Select the Job (either after search or if you had a list to start with)

If you have few subscriptions or your login is used for your other Weatherford Labs work, or you just performed a search, you may see a list of both job numbers (wells) and subscription

1) Select the subscription from the list shown by clicking on the Well

Navigate to the "Preliminary Data" Section 

Click on the Data Files link in the upper right corner

Open the Panorama file from the link

You can open the Panorama file directly from the link in the Panorama section.  If the software is properly installed, the file should open automatically

You can also right-click on the file and perform the "Save Target As.." function, which allows you to save the file to your local computer filesystem.

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