1. Downloading Panorama


Panorama is a desktop application free to Weatherford Laboratories existing and past customers.

Before you can use this application, you must download it and install it.

To download it, please click below

 Panorama Installer Download 

After you finish the download (see notes on browsers below), proceed to the installation instructions.

What happens after you click on the link above depends largely on which browser you are using:

Internet Explorer

With Internet Explorer, you have the option of installing the software right after the download by clicking the "Run" option or saving the file first, then running it.  That looks something like this

 Depending on what you click, you will either directly install or download to a directory of your choice.  Either way, you will see the download progress first


Google Chrome

With Google Chrome, the installer is automatically downloaded as a file into your "Downloads" folder.  You will see the download icon briefly flash and can then monitor the download in the toolbar at the bottom of Chrome.

  eventually turns into  


With the Firefox browser, you will be prompted to either Save or Cancel.  The file will be downloaded first and must be run manually after the download completes.

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